Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Auto tour of 'Mifflandia', Madison Wisconsin

Madison planners look to the future of 'Mifflandia'.  (Madison.com, 10/13/2018)
When Madison residents think of Mifflin Street, a distinct sense of place immediately comes to mind: the annual and infamous block party, the houses' signature front porches or the gone but not forgotten Mifflin Street Co-op. 
The street's lore also captures the imagination of college students coming to Madison for the first time and conjures memories of the neighborhood's role in activism of the Vietnam War era. 
“Those attachments are strong,” said Rebecca Cnare, an urban planner with the city. 
But Madison is changing, and the city needs to plan for anticipated growth.

Uh-oh.  The Towering Isthmus comes to the Mifflin Street neighborhood.

Retiring Guy followed the orange arrow route.

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