Saturday, September 22, 2018

Not the first time someone has been snookered by Foxconn (part 2)

Why Foxconn’s Wisconsin Promise Of 13,000 Quality Jobs Is An Empty One.  (Belt, 9/11/2017)

Glassdoor.  What workers say about the downside of working at Houston's Foxconn plant:
  • long working hours
  • low pay
  • weekend work
  • low salaries
  • too much ov
  • too much overtime
  • too stressful
  • pay really sucks
  • no benefits for contract employees
  • This is not a career.
  • lack of normal promotion process
  • company that does not care to retain even good employees
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Northwest Houston’s growth brings boom in low-paying jobs.  (Houston Chronicle, 7/12/2018)

Part 1

Why Foxconn’s Wisconsin Promise Of 13,000 Quality Jobs Is An Empty One.  (Belt, 9/11/2017)

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