Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Avid Hotel UPDATE: Excavation of Discovery Springs site underway

From across U.S. 14 (University Avenue)

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

Original 9/23/2018 post, "Avid Hotel proposed for Discovery Springs in Middleton", starts here.

Looking across Deming Way

From the project summary letter. 
  • 95 room, 98 parking stalls.
  • The Avid brand is slotted as a value line -- there is no indoor pool and the breakfast options are more focused.  Their target customer is the traveler who wants a high-quality hotel room -- but not necessarily the amenities like Holiday Inn Express offers -- at a better price.

Costco gas station and Mead & Hunt office building in background

Aerial view (text boxes added) found at City of Middleton Plan Commission 

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