Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Wisconsin farm facts 2018: Top 10 commodities

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Wisconsin is gaining fast on California.  (Hoard's Dairyman, 9/22/2017)
When California took over as the nation’s biggest milk-producing state in 1994, it ended at least a 70-year run as number one for Wisconsin. (USDA records start in 1924, and Wisconsin outproduced number two New York that year by nearly 50 percent.) California became the leader in dairy cows in 1998. 
Over the next decade, California widened its lead dramatically in both categories. The high watermarks came in 2008 at 16.73 billion pounds and 592,000 cows. 
But things have changed a lot since then — slowly at first, and much more rapidly of late. In 2016, California’s lead over Wisconsin had dropped to 10.35 billion pounds and 483,000 cows. 
Those are still huge advantages, but a trend is clearly underway — one that says Wisconsin may be on track to eventually be the top dairy state again
Wisconsin doubles down on dairy distinction with goat farms.  (San Diego Union-Tribune, 7/20/2016)

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