Friday, August 10, 2018

Insider trading charges against Chris Collins might put New York's 27th red congressional district into play

Or not.  

Collins defeated the 1-term Democratic incumbent Kathy Hochul in 2014.  Since then Collins has romped.

Chris Collins Was Just Indicted. Can Democrats Flip His New York Seat?  (The New York Times, 8/8/2018)
Mr. Collins, who was the first congressman to endorse Donald J. Trump in 2016, is running for his fourth term in a Buffalo-area seat that is one of the most conservative in New York. Mr. Trump carried the district with nearly 60 percent of the vote, his best showing in the state, and Democrats had harbored little hope of unseating Mr. Collins amid the broader fall House battleground. 
But the indictment of Mr. Collins is expected to change that.

The latest redistricting made the 27th much friendlier to the GOP.

Source:  govtrack

2000 census version (Ballotpedia)

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