Friday, August 17, 2018

"Bombs bursting in air": The skyrocketing estimated cost of a military Trumpfest

Pentagon says Trump's military parade postponed until 2019 amid reports costs jumped 666%.  (USA Today, 8/17/2018)
In other words, the groups says, 'Let's get our priorities in order here!"  The American Legion said in a statement Thursday that the organization appreciates Trump's desire to "show in a dramatic fashion our nation's support for our troops." But the veterans group believes that with troops still deployed overseas in the fight against terrorism, "the parade money would be better spent fully funding the Department of Veterans Affairs and giving our troops and their families the best care possible." 
Trump has expressed a desire for such a parade for years and was greatly impressed by the Bastille Day march he witnessed on a presidential trip to Paris in 2017.

Maybe we should double-check on those initial border wall cost estimates.

According to the article -- $25,000,000,000

Do I hear $191,667,000,000?

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