Monday, July 23, 2018

Forest Hill Cemetery history lesson (chapter 1)

A view of the grounds
Photos by Retiring Guy

Source:  Forest Hill Cemetery, a Walking Tour (here and below)

The Vault

Constructed in the mid-1860s, this building was used to store bodies during the winter until the spring thaw permitted the digging of graves.  It is now used for storage.

Catlin Chapel

Built in 1878 as memory of John Catlin (1803-1874)

Mr. Catlin has a number of firsts to his credit:
  1. Madison postmaster
  2. Madison lawyer
  3. district attorney
  4. Dane County judge
Also on his resume:
  1. Clerk of the Territorial Supreme Court in Belmont (1836)
  2. Secretary of the Wisconsin Territory (1846-1848)
  3. President, Milwaulkee and Mississippi Road Railroad

The Mausoleum

Constsructed in 1916, enlarged in 1973.  Owned by the City of Madion.

Another view of the grounds

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