Saturday, June 16, 2018

Wisconsin 2018 elections: Who's running in the 13th Assembly District?

Sources include  Wisconsin Elections Commission

Hutton's margin of victory in his last 2 elections:
  • unopposed in general election in 2014; no primary challenger
  • unopposed in general election in 2016; no primary challenger 

Source:  Ballotpedia
(which does the best job of outlining
The Art of the Wisconsin Gerrymander)

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Former Tosa Alderman Dennis McBride announces state Assembly bid.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/18/2018)

McBride spoke with Hutton, who is a good friend of his. 
"He (Hutton) is a nice person. We had a nice phone call and I told him I want to run the campaign as friends who disagree and focus on the issues. He said we are friends, and this is how we will conduct our campaigns," McBride said.

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