Friday, June 15, 2018

This dad's closet would break the bank in most households

The running tally:  $345

He Wore It First.  Why do all these men look so dreadful? Baggy blazers. Ugly sneakers. Light-wash jeans. Welcome to your dad’s closet.  (The New York Times, 6/13/2018)
For young men, traditional roles of childhood and fatherhood have become unmoored in recent years. 
Millennials, for example, have started leaving pricey city centers and are moving to the suburbs . And young people are living at home longer than ever , according to a Pew Research Center study, because of high housing costs and lower marriage rates, which is upending the traditional timeline when young urbanites marry, have children and move to the suburbs.
Why rent when you can live at home and buy these priced duds?

Running tally:  $740

Running tally: $968

Running tally:  $2,063

Running tally:  $2,283

Final tally:  $5,135

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