Tuesday, June 19, 2018

UPDATE. Get me rewrite: Principal apologizes for expecting another serving of pablum from valedictorian

Photo credit:  Tomahawk School District

Reported in Tomahawk High School principal apologizes for handling of valedictorian's speech.  (Wausau Daily Herald, 6/18/2018)

Original 6/15/2018 post, "In the School District of Tomahawk, actions speaks louder than words", starts here.

Her graduation speech called for equality. Administrators said it was too controversial.  (Wausau Daily Herald, 6/14/2018)
Administrators reviewed a written version of her speech, Christenson said, and then told her she could not talk specifically about topics such as discrimination, gender inequality and school shootings. They prevented the discussion of those topics out of fear that they would provoke disagreement and judgment, and that others might feel attacked, according to Christenson.

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