Friday, August 10, 2018

UPDATE. 4-time loser Matt Flynn should probably just concentrate on getting 3% of the primary vote right now

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Matt Flynn says fellow Democrats Kelda Roys, Tony Evers, Mahlon Mitchell can't beat Scott Walker.  (, 8/10/2018)
Flynn, who has lost four previous elections, has refused bipartisan calls for him to drop out of the race because of his legal work defending the Milwaukee Archdiocese against priest abuse allegations in the 1990s.
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8/9/2018 update, "Get me rewrite:  Everyone's least favorite Democratic candidate for Governor tells rest of field to 'Eat my shorts!'", starts here.

At Democratic forum Matt Flynn says Scott Walker will eat Tony Evers for lunch.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/9/2018)

Original 6/26/2018 post, starts here.

Photo credit:  Forward with Flynn

Lawmakers call for Matt Flynn to exit Wisconsin governor's race over priest abuse cases.  (Capital Times, 6/26/2018)

Speaking of desperate.
Democrat Flynn accuses Evers of using 'Walker-style tactic'.  (Chicago Tribune, 6/14/2018)

Flynn started his intra-party attack on Tony Evers earlier in the month.

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