Saturday, June 16, 2018

Fawning, starry-eyed publisher John Robinson Block swoons like a delicate flower in the presence of Donald Trump

Photo credit:  City Paper

Quoted in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publisher hangs on Donald Trump’s jet in a ‘more than memorable’ experience.  (Pittsburgh City Paper, 9/22/2016)

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Editorial backing Trump in ‘shithole’ controversy sparks outrage.  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette owner ordered the paper to run an editorial defending president on racism charge.  (Politico, 1/18/2018)

Edttorial.  Reason as racism:  An immigration debate gets derailed.  (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Post-Gazette Staff, Members Of Publisher’s Family Condemn Editorial.  (WESA, 1/18/2018)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publisher refuses to print in-house criticism of ‘Reason as racism’ editorial.  (The Incline, 1/18/2018)
Block’s decision not to run the letters to the editor, one submitted by the union representing more than 150 of the paper’s current newsroom employees and one submitted by more than two dozen former Post-Gazette employees, marked the latest chapter in an ongoing and increasingly public rift between the paper’s ownership and the paper’s staff.

An American editorial cartoonist has been fired for skewering Trump. He likely won’t be the last.  (Washington Post, 6/15/2018)
[Rob] Rogers has been the editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for more than 25 years. Most working cartoonists have had an occasional idea spiked by his or her editor. But in the past few weeks, editorial director Keith Burris and publisher John Robinson Block have refused to publish six of Rogers’s cartoons, all criticizing Trump or his policies. Block and Burris have also rejected many of Rogers’s rough sketch ideas for several months.

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