Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bottom line: People all over the U.S. still struggle to get by on what they earn

Minnesota outpaces Wisconsin, report says, in latest volley over liberal vs. conservative policies.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/8/2018)

Source material for newspaper article:
As Wisconsin’s and Minnesota’s lawmakers took divergent paths, so did their economies.  (Economic Policy Institute, 5/8/2018)
Since 2010, Minnesota’s economy has performed far better for working families than Wisconsin’s.

$14.74 = a full-time annual salary of $30,659.20 -- about what my older son, still single, makes.  Ask him how far that goes to pay the bills.  Not far enough when college loans are included, as Mom and Dad are well aware.

What's saddest about this hourly rate is that it's 21% above the national average!

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More Americans need a 2nd job to make ends meet — and it's sending a troubling message about the economy,  (Business Insider, 8/8/2017)

Jobless Rate Looks Like Old Times, but the Economy Doesn’t.  (The New York Times, 5/45/2018)
The subdued wage gains eased the prospect that the Federal Reserve would accelerate its plans to raise interest rates, helping to send stocks higher. But lagging pay also reflects how the economy of 2018 is fundamentally different from earlier eras.

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