Thursday, February 8, 2018

Taking a page from the playbook of his good buddy Scott Walker, Donald Trump can't be bothered with a thorough vetting process for White House appointments

Quoted in The White House’s Rob Porter debacle is a sign of incompetence or hubris — or both.  (Washington Post, 2/8/2018)

The Trump evidence:
Trump White House no vetting process: Election margins notwithstanding, Tom Marino is likely to have a primary challenge.  (10/22/2017)
When it comes to political appointments, the Trump team throws extreme vetting out the window.  (3/11/2017)
Even basic vetting would have unearthed Robert Harward's decision not to serve.  (2/17/2017)
"Extreme vetting" obviously wasn't in place when Paul Manafort was hired as Trump's campaign chairman.  (8/15/2016)

The Walker evidence:
WEDC board members say, "Gee, maybe we should start vetting requests for financial assistance." (12/14/2015)
WEDC open for business: Another 'no vetting' special deal.  (10/15/2015)
Babble On: Scott Walker needs to start vetting his mouth.  (8/25/2015)
"Oh, That Pesky Vetting Process", starring Scott Walker.  (7/21/2015)
Vet (verb): Not in the Scott Walker administration vocabulary.  (7/14/2015)
We've seen this happen before -- an administration too lazy to be bothered with a vetting process.  (3/19/2015)
Cheerleader Regina Millner ("She's a Big Republican") Defends Scott Walker in Regents Appointment Flap.  (6/14/2013)
WEDC public information officer resigns after 1 month on the job. (5/9/2013
It's called vetting.  (6/24/2011)

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