Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wisconsin, of course, is not one of 18 states raising the minimum wage this year

Our governor is much too ideologically inflexible.

Source:  CNN Money

Note:  Color-coding reflects party affiliation of governors.  (Red = Republican, blue = Democrat, none = Independent)

18 States Raise Minimum Wage.   As do 20 cities and counties. But not Wisconsin, What’s the impact?   (Urban Milwaukee, 1/4/2018)
In contrast, Wisconsin’s minimum wage remains at $7.25, the same as the federal minimum wage. It was last raised in 2009 and has lost about 15% of its purchasing power since then. State lawmakers have barred local governments in Wisconsin from setting their own minimum wages that are higher than the state’s minimum. 
With Wisconsin’s minimum wage still stuck at $7.25, a full-time, full-year worker in Wisconsin can earn as little $14,500 per year. For a single parent, working at the Wisconsin minimum wage puts them below the poverty line.  (emphasis added)

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