Sunday, January 14, 2018

UPDATE. Scott Walker, white workforce development specialist

Wisconsin launches ad blitz to lure Chicago's 'disillusioned' millennials.  (Chicago Tribune, 1/11/2018)
Apparently, Scott Walker likes Norway as much as his good buddy Donald Trump.  Ads popped up on the outside and inside of 15 CTA Brown Line cars this week. In addition, posters went up at downtown Chicago health clubs, while drink coasters deliver Wisconsin’s pitch to millennials at restaurants and bars. 
Wisconsin is hoping the Brown Line — which, along with the Purple Line, is one of only two CTA lines that run through the Loop but not through the city’s South or West sides [i.e., the areas on the racial breakdown map massed with little blue and yellow rectangles] — will reach the very specific target audience it is seeking.  [emphasis added]
“The Brown Line was chosen because it travels within the downtown Loop and North Side neighborhoods popular with millennials,” said Mark Maley, spokesman for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., the state’s Madison-based development arm.

Original 1/11/2018 post, "Scott Walker, workforce development specialist", starts here.

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So then why is Wisconsin spending $1,000,000 dollars to lure out-of-state workers?

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