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McKenzie Place UPDATE: Two recent views from the Sherman Avenue side of the building

Photos by Retiring Guy

2/18/2017 update, "As seen from Burrows Park", starts here.

Let's zoom in a bit

Burrows Park, Madison WI

1/10/2017 update, "Windows installed, cladding underway", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Rendering found at

11/10/2016 update,  "It's across the street from Kappel's Clock Shop", start here.

1-bedroom floor plan
Source:  Apartment Guide

1-bedroom apartment with den

3 bedrooms each with its own bath and walk-in closet

All photos by Retiring Guy

In busisness at this location since 1973.    Kappel’s Clock Shop touts itself as the largest antique clock shop in the Midwest, and it wears that distinction with pride. Long ago, Kappel chose to eschew technological advances.

8/26/2016 update, "Building framing underway at Sherman-Fordem triangle" (McKenzie Place), starts here.

iPhone panorama

6/14/2016 update, " Excavation and foundation work begin at 'just way too big' development at Sherman & Fordem triangle intersection, starts here.

Latest series of photos taken today from a variety of perspectives.

Looking north along Sherman Avenue.

Looking north from a point closer to Fordem Avenue.

Looking southwest from Fordem Avenue.

Looking south from the point of the Sherman-Fordem triangle.

2/29/2016 update, "Mackenzie Place development at a standstill", starts here.

The site, cleared and fenced.  (Sunday, February 27, 2016)

Since last August, there has been the obligatory neighborhood outcry.

Neighbors criticize proposed apartment building at Sherman and Fordem: 'It's just way too big' . (Capital Times, 9/12/2015)

After which, adjustments are made.

Proposed development at Sherman and Fordem avenues OK'd at lower height.  (Capital Times, 10/3/2015)

City of Madison DPCED Planning:  2017-2249 Sherman Avenue.

Original 8/13/2015 post, "Sherman-Fordem triangle to get a new look", starts here.

The McKenzie Place redevelopment plan also includes underground parking and 6700 square feet of retail space.  (2 renderings accompany CT article.)

Three abandoned buildings, including the former National Food Stores grocery (at center right), and lots of weeds now occupy this space.

Photo by Retiring Guy

60-unit apartment building proposed for corner of Fordem and Sherman avenues.  (Capital Times, 8/12/2014)

When preservationists go overboard.
The Fish & Schulkamp building, opened in 1948 as a National Food Stores location, has some historic value, the city's Landmarks Commission said. At its May 11 meeting, the commission passed a motion expressing regret for the loss of the building, which it said was "a good representation of a 1950s commercial building."

Even though it was built in the late 1940s.

Little Free Library across the street from Weston Place

Located on Frey Street near one of the entrances to the Overlook at Hilldale.

Photos by Retiring Guy

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UPDATE: Weston Place residents feeling hemmed in on all sides

View from Sawyer Terrace, just west of Hilldale.  From left to right: Venture, Weston Place, Segoe Terrace.

All photos by Retiring Guy

View from across North Segoe Road.

View of site of proposed hotel, looking east toward Hilldale Shopping Center.

View of site of proposed hotel, looking west toward Weston Place.

“We think it is too close to us; the footprint of the building is still too big,” said Roger Fritz, a resident of Weston Place who spoke on behalf of the Weston Place Condominium Owners Association before the city’s Urban Design Commission on Wednesday. “That’s just too much, too close to a residential area.”

6/27/2016 update, "'Ghost Condo residents learn to live in harmony with a new Venture", starts here.
Or so we can only hope.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Original 9/29/2014 post, "There Goes the Neighborhood: "Ghost Condo" Residents Lose Fight Against 12-Story Apartment Building", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Weston Place condo owners not backing down.  (Capital Times, 3/5/2014)

Well, there's always the "Rear Window" option.
Critics say the proposed apartment at 198 units per acre is more than twice as dense as the 12-story, 121-unit Weston Place and far more dense than any other building in the Hill Farms area.

I still call it the "Ghost Condo" because for the first years of its existence, few windows were illuminated at night.  The occupancy rate at the end of 2013 was 70%.

Hilldale's latest "in-fill" project.

Proposed affordable housing for 119-125 North Butler Street in Madison

The address of the brick house is 123 North Butler.  

And this is what is proposed.

From the top level of the Capitol Square North parking ramp.

A view of the north 100 block from the intersection of North Butler and East Mifflin.

Plan Commission must settle density issue for Madison apartments not aimed at Epic workers.  (, 3/23/2017)

Donald Trump declares war on Freedom Caucus: The Ken Buck edition

Source:  Ballotpedia

Source:   govtrack

Trump won 57.4% of the vote in Colorado's 4th Congressional District.  Advantage Buck. 

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Trump's America: Marion County, Tennessee

Source:  CNN

Trump’s backers want their lawmakers to support his agenda.  (Boston Globe, 4/1/2017)

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Praise the Lord! Texas Congressman advertises at Big Boy

GOP lawmaker: The Bible says 'if a man will not work, he shall not eat'.  (Standard Examiner, 3/31/2017)

Summary and Analysis 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  (Cliffs Notes)
Both of Paul's letters to the Thessalonians were addressed to this one church and were occasioned by the problems associated with that particular group of church members. It is quite unlikely that Paul anticipated any further use to be made of his letters. Little if anything in them throws much light on the theological issues involved in Paul's interpretation of Christianity. The letters do, however, indicate the type of instruction that Paul gave to newcomers in the Christian movement.

This story arrived in my email via a "Glenn Grothman" Google alert.

It certain sound like the nonsense Glenn is known to spout, I consdiered.

Upon closer inspective, I see that Jodey Arrington, a Texan who represents the 19th Congressiona, District, is the culpit.

The Arbors' defiant refashioning of the Boxtops' 1967 #1hit debuted at #83 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending February 22, 1969.  It spent 10 weeks on the chart and peaked at #20 for two weeks.

Donald Trump declares war on Freedom Caucus: The Mo Brooks edition

Source:  Ballotpedia,

Source:   govtrack

Trump won 64.7% of the vote in Oklahoma's 1st Congressional District.  Slight advantage to 'Slo' Mo. 

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