Saturday, March 4, 2017

Merriam-Webster editors confused. Is 'pundit' now a synonym for 'idiot'?

Stop Using The Word 'Pivot' — Trump Is Trump And Will Always Be Trump.  (NPR, 3/4/2017)

Ricky Nelson's cover of a 1940 #1 hit for Glenn Miller debuted at #87 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending September 14, 1963.  It spent 13 weeks on the chart and peaked at #12.

Dear Breitbart, How huge was that Spirit of America rally in Nashville? Guess it depends on who you ask.

Fake news purveyor headline
Mark must have counted the counter-protesters.  Rally organizer Mark Skoda told Breitbart News that the crowd size was estimated at 2,000, a number that was also reported and tweeted out by a number of people who were in attendance. [emphasis added]

Mainstream media article:
2 arrests reported from Trump rally in Nashville.  (Nashville Tennessean, 3/4/2017)
Steve didn't get the personal email from Mike Pence.  An estimated 1,200-1,500 attended the rally, according to co-organizer Steve Gill. Most who attended listened to the series of speakers that included State Rep. Glen Casada, Sen. Mae Beavers and Jim Hoft, founder of The Gateway Pundit on the schedule.  [emphasis added]
Huge?  2,000?  Here's huge!

Sorry, Mark.  Sorry, Steve.  You're nothin' but pikers.  Less than 2,000 attendees in a metro area of nearly 700,000?  


Kiel Public Library holdings, 2011-2015

  • 2011 |   81
  • 2012 | 110
  • 2013 | 106
  • 2014 | 109
  • 2015 | 108

2011-2015 changes:
  • Books |   -181
  • Audio |  +333
  • Video |  +553
  • Periodicals | +27
  • Expenditures | +$2,774 (+6%)

Photo credit:
Kiel Public Library

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Joyce Rapp Bennett (1928-2017) Warren High School class of 1946

1946 Dragon yearbook

Joyce's high-school activities:
Assembly Plays (3); Carnival (3); Dragonette (4); Dramatic Club (3, 4); Stenographers' Club (4).

1967 Warren City Directory

  • Bennett J Gordon (Joyce) driver W F Crossett h110 Darthmouth
  • Rapp Mary A (wid Floyd) emp Warren General Hospital h9 Hammond
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Bennett Bonnie nurse Warren State Hospital h112 Elm St
  • Bennett J Gordon driver Connolly Beverages r110 Dartmouth
  • Bennett J Gordon & Joyce E; driver Crossett Inc h110 Dartmouth

The popularity of 'Joyce' as a baby name is graphed here.   Let's take a look at 'Gordon', who was a steady performer during the 1st half of the 20th century, peaking at #72 in 1925.  He started to tank in the 1990s and fell off the chart from 2009-2013 but found a second wind in 2014.

GOP hypocrisy in action: 'No one is above the law'

Except, of course, when it's me.

As subscribed to by......

Jeff Sessions.....

Sessions on perjury:  "No one is above the law".  (Washington Post, 3@2017)

...and Mike Pence.

[emphasis added]

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Orrin Hatch, in so many words: Dear NYT op-ed page readers, I won't do my job.  (3/28/2016)

Donald Trump, starring in the all-white, all-male cast of The Men Who Came to Dinner

With the co-stars.....

The company he keeps

Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower.  (Washington Post, 3/4/2017)
After visiting one of his golf courses on Saturday morning, Trump amended his public schedule to add a late-afternoon meeting with Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly at Mar-a-Lago. The president also is planning to have dinner there with both secretaries, as well as chief White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, White House Counsel Don McGahn and White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

UPDATE. The Towering Isthmus, Capitol Square development from the top of the Dane County parking ramp

Video and photo by Retiring Guy

Office opportunities:  A glimpse inside.  (Urban Land Interests)

Residential opportunities:  The Pressman

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UPDATE.  AC Hotel Madison:  Overhang is revealed.  (3/4/2017)
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'Boutique' just means you can't afford to stay there.  (10/15/2016)
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UPDATE:  The Lux on West Johnson Street.  (1/15/2016)
670,000 square foot development risin' on the 800 block of East Washington.  (4/19/2015)
Sleeping and entertainment destination to rise in the middle of this photo.  (1/11/2015)
A behemoth hogs the skyline from Bascom Hill.  (12/14/2014)
Cranes at dusk.  (12/11/2014)
UPDATE: The Towering Isthmus: The Towers of Porta Bella.  (11/23/2013)
The Hub, the new hulk in town.  (11/16/2014)
North Bedford Street Project Still in the Proposal Stage.  (11/11/2014)
Coming soon: Another chapter in The Towering Isthmus Saga? (9/19/2014)
Blue Velvet.  (9/10/2014)
The New Edgewater Hotel gets ready for its fireworks celebration.  (9/10/2014)
Among the first wave of towers on the Isthmus.  (9/9/2014)
For those of you who haven't stood at the intersection of West Gilman and State Street in Madison Wisconsin lately.  (9/9/2014)
A tree grows on West Gilman Street.  (9/9/2014)
Nobly or otherwise, this is no longer the question.  (9/8/2014)
Deconstruction complete at 17, 19, 25 North Webster and 201 East Mifflin Streets.  (9/7/2014)
The towering isthmus (left to right).  (8/27/2014)
The Towering Isthmus (and the 3 cranes): For folks who can afford the view.  (7/22/2014)
That Was Then, This is Now: The 400 Block of West Gilman.  (7/18/2014)
New housing rising.  (5/8/2014)
Cranes over Porta Bella.  (4/22/2014)
Doug Moe:  The Baskerville at 100.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/5/2013)

2/18/2017 update,  "Capitol Square development from both sides of the Baskerville point",  starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

2/6/2017 update, "Capitol Square development begins to assert itself", starts here.

From left to right:  Jackman Building (1913-1914), new construction, The Baskerville (1913-1914).

2 views from West Doty

All photos by Retiring Guy

1/14/2017 update, "Old National Bank Capitol Square development at dusk", at night.

Photo by Retiring Guy

12/22/2016 video update.

12/10/2016 update, "The 88-unit apartment building takes shape", starts here.

That's the recently refurbished Inn on the Park in the distance at right.  It is now known as the Park Hotel, which you won't find in this aerial view.  (Some fake-news susceptible folks might think they've taken over the Capitol.)

Photo by Retiring Guyt

Anchor Bank is no more, taken over by the Indiana-based Old National Bank.

11/17/2016 update, " The Towering Isthmus, Anchor Bank Capitol Square development, night and day", starts here.

From West Doty and South Carroll.

Photos by Retiring Guy

From in front of the Public Safety Building on West Doty.

 Just up South Hamilton from the Baskerville.  (In upper right distance.)


Standing in front of the Public Safety Building on West Doty.

(9/16/2016 update.)  Pretty soon, I'm going to have to find a different vantage point.

Photo and video by Retiring Guy


From the Urban Land Interests website:
Upon completion in Summer 2017, this development will consist of:
  •  fully renovated, Class A office building with a new modern glass fa├žade 
    • 171,000 rentable square feet of office space and
    •  32,000 rentable square feet of ground floor restaurant / retail space 
    •  538 stalls of underground parking extending beneath Carroll Street spread across 5 levels  
  • high-end apartment building 
    • 88 rental apartments 
    • 6,700 rentable square feet of ground floor restaurant / retail space. 

Saturday, August 6

Friday, June 10

Thursday, May 5


Monday, March 21

Anchor Bank timeline.

1919.   First office opens at 1 East Main Street.
1928.  Moves office to Joseph M. Boyd Building on South Carroll.
1941.  New location at South Carroll and West Washington opens for business.

Photo credit:  The Anchor Log (1964)
(Found in the Madison Central Library vertical files)

Still looks pretty much the same, although it's no longer an Anchor property.

Photo by Retiring Guy
1964.  Anchor moves its operations to 10-story building on West Main and South Carroll.

Source:  The Anchor Log

1975.  Construction of addition to east side of the building, which is now undergoing remodeling as part of the Anchor Bank on the Square project.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Friday, March 12.


Final piece of ambitious AnchorBank project going before city's design commission. (Capital Times, 4/21/2015)
The project has been in the works for years, with Urban Land Interests planning major renovations and an expansion to the existing AnchorBank office building at 25 W. Main St. As the project gained approval, ULI expanded the scope to include the bank’s 50-year-old parking garage, located across South Carroll Street. 
The plans now include tearing down that parking garage, constructing a 548-stall underground parking ramp beneath South Carroll Street and building a mixed-use apartment building where the garage once stood.

Urban Land Interests:  Anchor Bank

Findorff:  Anchor Bank Expansion & Renovation

As these photos from last summer show, the project was approved and quickly moved forward.

Anchor Bank building and Risser Justice Center

Demolishing the parking ramp gets underway

Looking down South Carroll Street

Here's what the project sites looks like as of January 30, 2016.

Doty & Carroll

The excavation