Monday, November 20, 2017

UPDATE. On the other hand, Wesley Goodman's family values hypocrisy is not enough to tip the scales for the GOP

Well, the list of GOP hypocrites is a long one.

Photo credit:  Tea Party Talk with Tom Z

Original 11/19/2017 post, "Greetings from Trump's America, Ohio House 87th District, where conservative GOP representative with secret life resigns", starts here.

Photo credit:  Ballotpedia

Reported in Ohio legislator Wes Goodman led secret gay life, made unwelcome advances to younger men, people who knew him say.  (, 11/18/2017)

The 87th district includes all of Wyandot, Crawford, and Morrow counties and parts of Seneca and Marion.

It's a distinctly majority-white district.

In hindsight, it comes as no surprise that the following three counties fell hard for Trump.

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