Wednesday, November 1, 2017

UPDATE. "This Musty World', starring Bishop Robert Morlino and the staff of the Catholic Diocese of Madison

'Musty' as defined by Merriam-Webster in sense 2 of the word.

Reported in Diocese leaders clarify memo seen as limiting funeral rites for gay parishioners.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/31/2017)

10/30/2017 update, "Not the first time Bishop Robert Morlino is in hot water for remarks about gay Catholics", starts here.

The move follows a request by Morlino's office -- first reported by the State Journal -- for priests to contact the diocesen headquarters if they receive requests for the baptisms of children of same-sex parents. The diocese would then work in consultation with each priest on the baptism. Each baptism needs to be evaluated individually, the diocese says. 

Petition asks pope to remove Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison for his views on gay Catholics.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/29/2017)
So far, it appears that the Wisconsin State Journal has yet to follow up on this story.  The petition on the website was posted late last week in response to a memo sent by Morlino's vicar general to local priests informing them that they may deny Catholic funerals to LGBT people "to avoid public scandal of the faithful."

Original 10/24/2017 post, "Bishop Morlino serves up a heaping helping of mumbo-jumbo gumbo", starts here.

Madison priests get directives on funerals of LGBT people.  (National Catholic Reporter, 10/23/2017)
Conforming with the mind of MorlinoEarly reporting on the directives attributed the communication to Madison Bishop Robert Morlino. The diocese issued a statement clarifying that "the communication attributed to Bishop Morlino was not an official diocesan policy, though it does conform with the mind of the bishop and meet his approval."

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