Tuesday, August 22, 2017

True confessions: Until yesterday, I'd never heard of nitro-infused coffee and tea

Oh well.

Photo by Retiring Guy
(which shows a portion of the GNF parade route that's ready to go)

A new trend in serving cold brew coffee uses science to make it more delicious.  (Business Insider, 8/25/2015)
The creamier taste — either in beer or in coffee — is due, in part, to the smaller nitrogen bubbles. 
Nitrogen gas doesn't easily dissolve in water, giving the brew a thicker, more velvety "mouthfeel." To get nitrogen into the liquid, the tap needs a "restrictor plate" to squeeze the drink through tiny holes, giving the beverage a particularly smooth and frothy head. 
The tiny bubbles make the drink feel thicker when you gulp it down.

Sorry, if you want to know how Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles" performed on the Billboard Hot 100, you'll have to look it up yourself.

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