Sunday, August 27, 2017

UPDATE. Escondido mayor and 2 cronies shove library privatization down residents' throats

Photo credit:  Escondido, City of Choice

Editorial.  Escondido’s brutal library power play: Not a good look for mayor, city manager.  (San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/25/2017)
Abed tried to reassure critics who fear the worst by saying that if the library doesn’t get better after a year of privatization, “I will break the contract.” But he should also assure Escondido residents that this is the last time he works with the city manager to shove a big decision down their throats.

Original 8/26/2017 post, "Putting LSS management of public libraries in perspective", starts here.

Escondido privatizes public library.  (FOX5, 8/24/2017)
On average, public libraries spend 67% of their budgets on staff.  Library Systems and Services already manages 83 libraries across the country. Escondido's city manager argued that adding Escondido to the list will save the city $400,000 a year in operating costs and pension obligations for library employees. But opponents said that the plan is unfair to long-time city librarians, many of whom have served the community for decades. They stand to lose their city pensions and even their jobs.  
The management company has said that current library employees will be offered jobs. They say they understand community concerns about the privatization plan, but they are committed to preserving the community library.

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The Outsourcing of America's Public Libraries.  (Governing, 11/3/2015)]
The company would rehire librarians at or near their current wages, while replacing pensions with private 401(k) retirement plans, [Bob] Windrow [LSS vice president of business development] said. Of the 82 company-run libraries, 47 are in California. Riko Mendez, political director for the SEIU local representing workers from San Jose to Kern County, said LSSI's model is to cut salaries and benefits, rely on volunteers and make money by selling library-branded pens and other products.

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