Friday, August 18, 2017

Nonetheless, Door County voters just might go ahead and vote for Scott Walker a third time

Municipalities, Roads Feeling Effects of Budget Squeeze.  (Door County Pulse, 8/18/2017)
Sturgeon Bay’s streets have deteriorated so badly that the city has convened a special committee to investigate funding solutions to improve them, but streets will get worse before they get better.
Prior to 2010, local governments could increase their tax levy by 3 percent of the previous year’s levy. In 2010, Gov. Scott Walker lowered that limit to 0, allowing Wisconsin municipalities to increase property taxes only at the rate of net new construction in the community. So even as the cost of fuel, materials, services, and human resources increases, budgets do not unless there is significant new construction. Levy increases were first capped at 3 percent by Gov. Jim Doyle in 2006. 
“How can you keep up with anything – roads, parks, sewer – if you can’t increase revenue to pay for expense increases?” Birmingham said.

Not by voting cartoon conservative into office over and over again. 

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