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Meet Mitch McConnell's biggest donors: #20

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California investor William Oberndorf, who has given more than $1.5 million to Right to Rise [Jeb Bush superPAC; the answer is 'yes'], is one of the most prolific political donors in America. And he says that despite results to date, he has not given up on the value of super-PACs in the Republican presidential primaries. 

Mystery Billionaire Members Of "Stop Trump" Campaign Revealed.  (Zero Hedge, 3/21/2016) \
The filings show only one other family, the Ricketts clan of Omaha, Nebraska, that's a bigger funder of the stop-Trump campaign, having given $5 million since January. Other backers of the effort revealed in the filings were Paul Singer, the New York hedge-fund manager, who gave $1 million; and William Oberndorf, a San Francisco investor, who gave $500,000.

Source:  Updated list of McConnell's biggest donors.  (Louisville Courier-Journal, 11/11/2016)

The following are the biggest donors since Jan. 1, 2009, to four McConnell committees: McConnell’s own Senate campaign committee, his own PAC called Bluegrass Committee, a super PAC for his inside Kentucky political priorities called Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, and his super PAC for holding the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate called Senate Leadership Fund.

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Jeb Bush's rush through the revolving door.  (Politico, 9/18/2015)
And the parent company of Florida Power and Light, NextEra Energy, is now the largest corporate donor to Bush’s Right to Rise super PAC, contributing $1,025,000. (The company’s current CEO, James Robo, has also contributed $2,700 to Bush’s campaign.)

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Exclusive: The Koch Brothers’ Million-Dollar Donor Club.  (Mother Jones, 9/6/2011)
Childs is the founder and CEO of private equity firm JW Childs Associates. In 2006, Boston Magazine placed the “notoriously media-shy” magnate—a.k.a. “the Republican ATM”—among the city’s wealthiest residents, reportedly worth $1.2 billion. Childs donated $750,000 to outside political expenditure groups in 2010. He’s also been involved in Florida wetlands conservation effort.

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But Santorum had better luck with another member of the Simmons family: Annette Simmons, the wife of the self-made former drugstore owner, who pumped $1.2 million into the Red White and Blue Fund super PAC that kept Santorum afloat in the hardest days of the race. 

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Here’s How Much Betsy DeVos And Her Family Paid To Back GOP Senators Who Will Support Her.  (HuffPost, 5/30/2017)
The DeVos family has long been embedded in the firmament of Republican Party politics as donors, party leaders and candidates. Richard DeVos Sr. is the founder of the multilevel marketing firm Amway (now Alticor) and owner of the Orlando Magic. A supporter of free market capitalism and a backer of the Christian Right, the elder DeVos was one of a select few to fund the rise of the New Right in the 1970s. His money helped fund the American Enterprise Institute and found the Heritage Foundation.

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Trump turns to CEOs amid White House turmoil.  (Politico, 4/13/2017)
The CEO of Blackstone Group, who has known Trump for years, has become so close to the president that the two sometimes talk several times a week, covering everything from Chinese trade to tax policy to immigration.
Firm run by Trump’s top adviser warned against Obamacare repeal.  (Raw Story, 5/25/2017)
In its SEC documents, Blackstone made specific projections about the potential adverse effects stemming from Trump’s health reform initiative.

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Ken Griffin gives Gov. Bruce Rauner's campaign record $20 million.  (Chicago Tribune, 5/17/2017)

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Texans owner Bob McNair donated $1 million to Donald Trump inaugural committee.  (Houston Chronicle, 4/20/2017)

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Athenahealth shares surged more than 18 percent Thursday after activist hedge-fund manager Paul Singer of Elliott Associates disclosed a 9.2 percent stake in the company.

Paul Singer's Elliott Management raises $5 billion in 24 hours: letter.  (Reuters, 5/5/2017)
Singer, a conservative billionaire known for his pessimistic views on the financial markets, said in his pitch to investors, "We are at an extraordinary juncture in markets and in the prospects for trading and investing."

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Sheldon is also one of Scott Walker's biggest donors.  ($260,000)

Thin-skinned and deep-pocketed Sheldon will go to any lengths to get his way.....and get his message across.

Suspicions about his motives for paying a lavish $140 million for the newspaper last month are based on his reputation in Las Vegas as a figure comfortable with using his money in support of his numerous business and political concerns, said more than a dozen of the current and former Review-Journal staffers and local civic figures who have worked closely with him.

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