Thursday, July 27, 2017

Greetings from Walsh Field, home of the Polar Bears, in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

From right-centerfield at Walsh Field.

The Polar Bears play in the Shoreland League

In foul territory sits a building with rest rooms and storage space. That's a Kiwanis shelter in fair territory, deep to right.  We were going to attend a game here last night but it was rained out.  I'd like to know what happens when the ball hits this structure.  And is it occupied during game time?  I can't imagine this being the case.  So why is it located here?  Questions, questions.

Howie Timm was married to my mother-in-law's cousin Ione, who should have been a stand-up comic.  She knew how to tell funny stories and was very skilled at delivering a killer punch line.

All photos by Retiring Guy

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