Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bubble World UPDATE. Ronna Romney McDaniel appears not to be paying attention

RNC chairwoman Romney McDaniel says 2018 a ‘most critical time’ for Republicans.  (Radio Iowa, 11/8/2017)

It's a family affair.  Ronna is the granddaughter of George Romney and the niece of Mitt Romney.

Original 6/1/2017 post, "The tender sensibilities of Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman", starts here.

Screenshot from by RNC email donor appeal

That 'liberal talking head at NBC'?  

I wouldn't exactly call Joe Scarborough to be an exemplar of "Washington liberal values".

Using Twitier, not the 'Morning Joe' studio, he simply wanted to draw attention to an article describing the absurdly over-the-top puffery coming out of the mouths of Trump's staff.

Quoted in Why Conservatives Won’t Dance to the ‘Dear Leader Donald Trump’ Tune.  (The Daily Beast, 5/31/2017)
Conservatives who are viscerally turned off by the Trump cult of personality prize things like the rule of law and balance of powers. Part of what this means is that the idea of a ruling class repels us. We believe the maxim that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we instead celebrate the system and institutions that check the accumulation of power. We see dissent as patriotic. We see the messianic impulse of some Americans as a very dangerous tendency. We believe that it’s not healthy to put politicians on a pedestal. We believe you should respect your leaders and pray for them—but not to them. 
I’ll confess that sometimes skepticism gets mixed up with cynicism. There is also sometimes a smugness associated with being a rebellious contrarian. Most of us small-r republicans find sycophants and brown-nosers repulsive.

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