Saturday, June 24, 2017

Open House at Middleton Center

Office building front and center, apartment in background at right.

All photos by Retiring Guy

Hallway of 4th-floor T. Wall offices

Reception area of T. Wall offices

The view from the 4th floor looking east, Middleton Public Library at center

Underground, space-saving parking for residents

Ramp from street level to underground parking.

2nd-floor hallway in apartment building.

Living area of 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment

Master bedroom of above unit

Second bedroom of above unit.

Looking into utility room of above unit.

Inside the utility room.

Bedroom of studio apartment, open to living area

View from kitchen to living area and rooftop patio beyond.  (As you can see, there's still work to do.)

Panoramic view of 2nd-floor community room.  (The community of Middleton Center.)

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