Monday, May 15, 2017

The demographics of S-Town

Is Alabama area really 'S-Town'?  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/14/2017)
Bibb County is the setting for the hit podcast “S-Town,” with the “S” standing for a vulgar word for excrement. The seven-part show was produced by Serial Productions of the similarly popular podcast “Serial” and “This American Life.” 
Downloaded more than 40 million times in 114 counties since its release in late March, “S-Town” is the first podcast to reach that level of distribution so quickly, according to Podtrac, which analyzes podcasts. More than three-quarters of those downloads were in the United States, with the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia rounding out the top four.

Other numbers
% of population living in poverty
  • Bibb County | 22.2%
  • Alabama | 18.5%
  • U.S.  13.5%
    % of population 25 and older with bachelor's degree
    • Bibb County | 10.6%
    • Alabama | 32.5%
    • U.S. | 29.8%
    Median household income:
    • Bibb County | $38,678
    • Alabama| $43,623
    • U.S. | $53,889

    Source:  Wikipedia

    A part of Trump's America.
    Source:  CNN

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