Tuesday, February 27, 2018

UPDATE No construction work underway but Middleton Public Market still on drawing board

Looking to the northwest from Lisa Lane between Parmenter Street and Laura Lane

Middleton developer:  Treysta Group
Looking northeast

Will the Middleton and Madison public markets compete for customers?  (Capital Times /1/18/2018)
Both projects will offer residential and retail space in addition to a market, where vendors will set up in stalls to sell locally sourced food and other goods. Despite their similarities, the city of Madison and the developer of the Middleton project think the markets will be complementary, rather than competitive. 

Original 5/25/2017 post, "Middleton competes in the Madison public marketplace", starts here.

A panorama of views.  This one from the corner of the lanes of Lisa and Laura.

Proposed public market in Middleton could open before Madison's market.  (Capital Times, 5/26/2017)
The Treysta Group is proposing a massive mixed-used development in Middleton, called the “Middleton Market,” which would include a public market along with retail and housing. It’s in the early process of city approvals, but it’s aiming to open by the end of 2018, edging out Madison’s public market 2019 projected opening date.

From the middle of the block between Parmenter Street and Laura Lane.

From behind the Purple Cow Organics buildings.

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