Monday, November 20, 2017

East Mifflin Street UPDATE. Construction of Veritas Village Apartments along the 700 block is finished

Looking west

Looking east

Floor plan of a 591-square-foot studio

Original 5/12/2017 post, "The changing streetscape of East Mifflin Street", starts here.

A view of the 600 block of East Mifflin, the housing stock at least a century old.
All photos and video by Retiring Guy

The 700 block of East Mifflin.  I had no idea these apartments, a T. Wall Enterprises project, were under construction, even though the site is just a block from East Washington.  The Constellation, outside the frame to the right, effectively hides this new development.

After walking across the stret, I took this photo from across the street, which includes the tops of the Constellation (700 block), Galaxie (800 block), and Lyric (1000 block) apartment buildings on East Washington.

A view of the T. Wall construction from the intersection of East Dayton and North Livingston.

A view across Reynolds Park of East Mifflin Street apartment construction the Galaxie block.

A similar, less obscured view from near the intersection of East Dayton and North Paterson.

An alley between the Galazie and new construction.

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