Monday, April 17, 2017

A sign of desperation? Yes, sez Kevin Bradberry

Photo by Retiring Guy

Now Hiring Signs = No One Wants To Work Here = Why Should I Buy Here?  (LinkedIn, 1/27/2015)
When you're in your think-tank meeting and the idea hits you that you can capitalize on the drive-by traffic by posting "now hiring" signs, STOP! Don't do it. This actually translates to a cry for help. It is a sign of desperation and comes across to the talent you REALLY want to attract that your place of business is not a place that they want to work.

My wife and I have shopped at the University Avenue Brennan's Market ever since we moved to Middleton 31 years ago.  Yes, the store experiences it share of employee turnover, but then so do all of the other places where we shop.  It remains our year-round. go-to place for produce.

Nobody, though, has yet to take the crown from the Middleton Copps Pic 'n' Save.  We don't shop there all that much, but when we do, it seems as though there's not a familiar face to be found.

Ach du lieber!  Kevin includes his elementary school on his LinkedIn resume.

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