Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, this is what democracy looks like

Source:  City of Sheboygan (text box added)

Council overwhelmingly defeats immigration issue.  (Sheboygan Press, 3/20/2017)
“It’s not something that we should be doing,” Ald. John Belanger, who’s running for mayor this spring, said during the discussion on the resolution. “We shouldn’t be threatening our citizens with rounding them up and deporting them or turning them over to (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or the sheriff or whatever.” 
“I feel that it is unfair,” said Ald. Scott Lewandoske, who had also run for mayor this year but lost in a primary. “It is aimed at one group of people.”

In 2014, Job Hou-Seye ran against Terry Katsma in the 26th Assembly District GOP primary.  He was decisively defeated  5,861 (89.5%) to 688 (10.5%).

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