Thursday, March 16, 2017

Butte Montana gets jail beds ready for St. Patrick's Day

Berkeley Pit, Butte Montana (Wikipedia)
Butte makes up the triangle in lower-right portion of this aerial view.

Butte makes space in jail ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. (Great Falls Tribune, 3/15/2017)
3 or 4 to a bed?   Might be a little crowded.  In all, authorities hope to have 30 beds open before St. Patrick’s Day.
The last time St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Friday, in 2006, Skuletich says 100 people were arrested and two police cruisers had their windows smashed with beer cans.

 Source:  Wikipedia

City and county governments consolidated to form the single entity of Butte-Silver Bow in 1977.

State highway 1 between Butte and Anaconda.

Photo by Retiring Guy (1975)

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