Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump marks the start of Black History Month by making a total ass of himself; Spicer tries to mop up

Quoted in Donald Trump's Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.  (The Atlantic, 2/1/2017)
Marking Black History Month, the president made some strange observations about Douglass and Martin Luther King, but mostly talked about himself.

A total generic statement, by the way.

Then Sean Spicer decides to step into the same pile of poop.

Do Donald Trump and Sean Spicer know who Frederick Douglass is? It’s not really clear.  (Vox, 2/1/2017)

Guess it's time for some Andy Williams.

A big hit on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, reaching #2, Andy William's "More and More" made barely a dent on the Hot 100.  The song debuted at #95 for the week ending July 8, 1967, and spent 4 weeks on the chart, peaking, if you can call it that, at #88.

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