Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When it comes to issuing executive orders, Obama is something of a piker compared to other Presidents

Obama has issued fewer executive orders on average than any president since Cleveland.  (Pew Research, 1/17/2017)

Governing while black:
Obama lectures Trump on executive orders.  (WND, 12/22/2016)
[Fake] Fox News described Obama, who repeatedly has turned to the executive pen to impose major changes across America, such as a rule requiring that building owners allow men to use women’s restrooms when they say they are women, and more, as “pen-happy.” 
RNC official: Obama lecturing Trump on executive orders ‘ironic’.  (12/21/2016)

We Compared Obama and Reagan’s Executive Orders; Republicans Won’t Be Happy.  (newsgroup.speak, 1/5/2016)

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