Monday, January 30, 2017

News the 1% can use: Super Bowl ticket prices

Source:  StubHub

NFL: Super Bowl ticket prices down and could drop even more.  (, 1/29/2017)
The average price for a ticket at StubHub on Friday was $4,945 with the cheapest ticket going for $2,499 and the most expensive one sold to date going for a whopping $15,432.

Yes, folks, they have dropped.

Today's lowest price:  $2,100 -- a 16% decrease.

Then there's this nonsense:  The top 3 ticket prices.  

The most expensive ticket lists no amenities.

For $355,950 you get 'limited' alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor), private restroom, catered food.

$150,000 gets you into a partial suite with barstool seating, plus catered food and drinks.

The next 3 are priced above the most-expensive ticket sold (as of the publication of the article cited above).

My guess is that sellers 7 through 9 are going to have to reduce their prices.   And so on down the line.

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