Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Missing in action: Mexican border wall not included in list of emergency & national security projects

Oh, that's right.  Mexico is going to pay for it.

List and descriptions of 50 project found here

EXCLUSIVE: Trump team compiles infrastructure priority list.   (McClatchy DC, 1/24/2017)
OK, who's doing the work here?  The projects on the more detailed document are nearly identical to the ones on the spreadsheet circulated by the National Governors Association among state officials in December, seeking further suggestions. All but two projects on both lists are the same, and they are listed in the same order. The preliminary list circulated by the governor’s association includes the Alaska Pipeline & LNG Project instead of the Texas Central Railway and it lists the Fort Mojave Solar Project instead of the Howard Street Tunnel. 

Sample page:

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Five things to know about Trump's infrastructure plan.  (The Hill, 11/20/2016)

  1.  Relies heavily on private financing
  2.  Puts projects that don't charge tolls or user fees 
  3.  Trump wants to cut regulatory red tape
  4. Trump thinks the plan will pay for itself
  5. Trump's open to ideas -- including from Democrats

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