Monday, January 23, 2017

CES 2017. Batter up wearables: Swing IQ baseball performance apparel

Designed to read a batter's swing and collect training data.

Majestic Introduces Swing IQ™ Powered By Intel.  (The Street, 1/5/2017)
Priced at $199.99.  Pre-orders accepted now.  Will ship before Opening Day (Sunday, April 2)
Swing IQ provides hitters with a new understanding of their batting mechanics by validating their kinetic swing sequence. The patented Swing IQ shirt, designed with Intel technology, contains motion sensors at three points on the body that provide 360° tracking of wrist, shoulder and hip movement. Within the Swing IQ app, players can train smarter by leveraging new tools that marry analytical swing data with video capture.

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