Friday, December 30, 2016

Epic resale value for these men's adventure magazines

Epic:  A True Magazine for Men.  Published sporadically from March 1957 to June 1961 -- 12 issues altogether.   This is the March 1958 issue, which originally sold for a quarter.  Allegheny Books and Collectibles now want $10 for it.

In March 1958, I was at probably a couple of years away from appreciating the salaciousness of an article like "Sex Needs of Single Men".

Man's Story enjoyed a much longer and more regular run, from January 1960 to December 1975.  Published as many as 9 times a year into the mid-60s, it became a bi-monthly in 1967 and continued this frequency until its demise. 

This is the June 1970 issue, which originally sold for 50 cents.  Now it'll set you back a sawbuck, if the folks at Allegheny Books get their way.

At least a portion of a swastika is frequently found on the covers of Man's Story.  

Men's adventure was a very successful magazine genre during the mid-20th century. 

And the adventure continues here.

If you haven't noticed, downtown Warren has many great examples of turn-of-the-century commercial architecture.

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