Monday, December 5, 2016

Column graphs to accompany The Scourge of Racial Bias in New York State's Prisons

Attica, a maximum-security prison is located in Wyoming County, New York.

Source for all 3 sets of column graphs:  U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts

The Scourge of Racial Bias in New York State's Prison.  (The New York Times, 12/3/2016)
Most forbidding are the maximum-security penitentiaries — Attica, Clinton, Great Meadow — in rural areas where the population is almost entirely white and nearly every officer is too. The guards who work these cellblocks rarely get to know a black person who is not behind bars.
Clinton County, New York

Blacks make up only 14 percent of the state’s population but almost half of its prisoners. Racial inequities at the front end of the criminal justice system — arrest, conviction and sentencing — have been well documented.  (The New York Times)

Washington County, New York

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