Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Of special note: Ozaukee County's 2016 election anomaly

Voters in dependably red Ozaukee County cast 5,619 fewer votes for Trump than they did for Romney 4 years ago. (Based on unofficial 2016 returns.) That's a drop of nearly 16%. 

At the same time, Oz voters cast 1,008 more votes for Clinton than they did for Obama in 2012, about a 5% increase.  At this point in The Case of the Quadrennial Democrats updates, the only other county that fits this pattern:  Dane, with 15% fewer votes for Trump vs. Romney and 0.7% more votes for Clinton vs. Obama (2012).

 Trump, of course, still won Ozaukee County with 57% of the vote. (Compared to 65% for Romney in 2012 and 64% for McCain in 2008.) 

Trump's not feeling the full love in one of the WOW collar counties*.  (I peeked, and it's look as though it's a WOW trifecta.)

*Cruz Country.

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