Friday, November 25, 2016

Johnny Mathis sings the answer to this question

And it’s not just that; at the same time, the Trump administration and congressional Republicans are getting ready to move on their highest priorities, cutting taxes for the wealthy, scrapping oversight on Wall Street, and lightening regulations on big corporations.

Blinded by a megawatt celebrity, Trump voters have shown themselves not to be the nimblest of thinkers. 

"And that's a long, long time."

A top 10 hit for Johnny Mathis in late 1957 and early 1958.

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Struggling White Voters Who Helped Elect Trump Are Headed for Some Serious Pain.  (The Nation, 11/22/2016)
Immediately after the election, the candidate who ran against the establishment, the guy who promised to “drain the swamp,” immediately surrounded himself with party hacks and lobbyists. He announced that Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus, perhaps the most prominent face of the dreaded “establishment,” would be his chief of staff.

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