Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting ready for CES 2017: Robot Tertill weeds the garden

Although there's no 100% guarantee that this item will be found on the floor.  (But maybe it will show up here.)

Roomba inventor unveils a robot for weeding.  (Curbed, 11/18/2016)
A built-in mini “weed whacker” cuts down any insurgent weeds. But how does it know a weed from a begonia? The answer is simpler than you might think. Jones decided that machine-vision technology just wasn’t up to the challenge of proper plant identification. Rather, the Tertill is programmed to just cut down any plant that’s shorter than its one-inch bumper. Seedlings should be protected by a little metal fence, but anything else that fits under the Tertill’s shell is judged to be a weed and is subsequently whacked.

Garden gnome provides a Roomba weeding challenge in this patch of ground cover, where uninvited plant life has been known to rear its ugly head.

Here's another example where there's just no substitute for getting down on your hand and knees to edge and weed.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Roomba schoomba.

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