Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear Iowans, Why do you think corporate America loves the decline of unions?

(Cropped) photo credit:  Facebook

Quoted in Iowans on their wages: 'I'm not stupid or lazy. It's just not there'.  (Des Moines Register, 10/21/2016)
On the other hand, Becky, you're husband is not fighting for himself.  He has the support of his union.  She eventually left Dollar General for a temporary job at Silgan Containers, slipping plastic sleeves over can lids in the canning factory, for $11.50 an hour. Her husband found a job at a nearby factory starting at $20 an hour, and with union backing has been able to move up to $25 in the last four years.

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District Overview: As in the Nation, New Jobs in the District Are Concentrated in Low-Paying Industries.  (Federal  Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 7/17/2015)

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