Friday, September 9, 2016

Heather the Harridan pushes her usual collection of misstatements and lies

What's actually going on.

“Planned Parenthood for decades has provided ongoing well-woman services and contraceptives to millions of women in the U.S. and has been oftentimes the best access for some underprivileged women to get access to contraception,” Lawrence said. Noting that approximately half of all pregnancies are unplanned, he said reducing access to birth control could increase the number of unintended pregnancies among women exposed to Zika through travel, sexual contact, or the new local outbreak."

Dr. Christopher Estes, chief medical officer for the local Planned Parenthood office, said the organization has been preparing for the virus for months and informing patients. The next step is going door-to-door with Zika kits for pregnant women and informational fliers for everyone. The Planned Parenthood kits are based on the Florida Department of Health kits and contain insect repellant, standing water treatment tablets, educational materials in Spanish, English and Creole and condoms. 

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