Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dear Jim Jordan, Huelskamp lost 47 of 62 counties in US House 1

He lost counties all over his district.  His time was obviously up.

Quoted in Freedom Caucus knives out for Ryan after Huelskamp loss.  (Politico, 8/3/2016)

If there's anyone to blame, Jim -- and 'credit' is the better word here -- it's GOP voters in Kansas.  They're finally rebelling in sufficient number against their crazy governor's "heralded great experiment in conservative economic theory".  

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Kansas Republicans Reject Gov. Sam Brownback’s Conservatives in Primary.  (The New York Times, 8/3/2016)
With some races still undetermined on Wednesday, but also leaning toward moderates, the primary was a tangible sign of the grumblings that have been going on under the surface in heavily Republican Kansas, as deep cuts to taxes, a centerpiece of the Brownback agenda, have left the state short on revenue and led to cuts to government services.

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