Monday, August 1, 2016

Dear Donald Trump, Pennsylvania has gained 10,400 manufacturing jobs since 2010

Vast areas of emptiness exist between Donald Trump's ears.

Here he is campaigning for 3rd-grade class president.

Pittsburgh shows that there is life after a dependence on manufacturing.

Pittsburgh's path to recovery.  (The Globalist, 6/5/2014)
If anything, Pittsburgh is considered the quintessential rust-belt city — historically focused on manufacturing and industry, but one that has fallen on hard times since the 1980s. Back then, strong foreign competition shuttered plants. 
Counter to this image though, Pittsburgh is remaking itself by leveraging its regional strengths in education and health care and making strategic investments in innovation capacity.  
Pittsburgh is now one of America’s leading centers of regional innovation and a model of state innovation policymaking.

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