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FINAL UPDATE. That was then, this is now: From Pyare Sqaure to the Lodge 2

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8/30/2017 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Floor plans.  Prices not included.  (We probably don't want to know.)

3/7/2017 update, " The Lodge 2 on University Avenue starts to assert itself ", starts here.

2 more floors added during the past month.  (I think that's it.)

Photos by Retiring Guy

A  view from the northeast corner of the DOT parking lot.

2/2/2017 update, "The Lodge 2 rises where Pyare Square once stood tall", starts here.

At the entrance to the Walnut Grove shopping center and The Lodge 1 apartments.  (Scroll down to last photo in this serial post for a 'before' shot.)

The companion project to The Lodge 1 takes shape.

One of The Lodge 1 buildings in the foreground; The Lodge 2 construction in the distance.

From the bike-ped path

1/6/2017 update, "The end of Pyare Square:  The Lodge 2 rises from the ruins", starts here.

Curbside on University Avenue.

Along the bike/ped path that follows the southern edge of Blackhawk Country Club

From the northeast corner of the WI DOT building parking lot

"Luxury" apartments ready for occupancy this summer

10/22/2016 update, " 'An underperforming asset needs a performing partner'", starts here.

The Lodge at Walnut Grove/The Lodge 2

10/3/2016 update," The end of Pyare Square", starts here.

9/2/2016 update, "Pyare Square just about down to rubble", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Pyare Square holds its place in history.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/2/2016)
Anyway, during its first decade, Pyare Square served as the DNR’s state headquarters. The DNR then moved its offices to downtown Madison, and has since occupied a building as unique as a four-drawer filing cabinet. That’s OK. At least the DNR’s law-enforcement folks haven’t compelled me to appear there in person.

8/26/2016 update, " Getting down to the core of Pyare Square", start here.

Photo by Retiring Guy
(as are the videos and all the rest of the photos)

8/23/2016 update, "Working overtime, duskily, at Pyare Square demolition", starts here.

Pyare Square slowly disappears from Shorewood Hills landscape.  (Capital Times, 8/20/2016)
You'll find 2 of my videos accompanying this article.

8/19/2016 update, "Pyare Square down to skeletal halfsies", starts here.

8/14/2016.  Down to the 11th floor.

(7/26/2016 update.)  Pyare Square Building being slowly demolished after 47 years of prominence on West Side.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/20/2016)

All photos by Retiring Guy

Completed in 1969.  Original tenant:  Wisconsin Department of  Natural Resources.

A 2008 proposal to convert the building to condominiums proved to be a case of bad timing as far as the housing market was concerned.

7/15/2016 update, " The White Building becoming shell of former self, soon to be nothing at all", start here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

From the March 2016 Shorewood Hill Village Bulletin:

Looks like it's not completely a top-down demolition.

Original 7/2/2016 post, Say goodbye to The White Building, a.k.a. Pyare Square', starts here.

Pretty soon I won't have to use the tree as a cover-up.

 All photos by Retiring Guy

Pyare Square is in the procees of being torn down, and an apartment complex is taking its place.

The video version.

When my wife and I first moved to the area, there used to be a restaurant in the section behind the tower.  We went there just once, for the fish fry, and it was terrible.

Based on what I heard the other day, we won't be seeing this view much longer.   (I have yet to see anything in print about the project, however.)

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