Sunday, July 24, 2016

UPDATE: Scott Walker in spin cycle re: 2020 Vision Project listening sessions

A screenshot, with highlights added, from Walker's latest email newsletter.

One thing they have in common:  They all received an invitation to attend.  No walk-ins allowed.

And the invitees are more likely to contribute to political campaigns and causes than the general public, and those contributions overwhelmingly favor the GOP/conservative side of the equation.

Original 7/17/2016 post, "Invitees to Scott Walker's 2020 Vision Project listening sessions tilt GOP, conservative," starts here.

As Scott Walker reaches 50 listening sessions, critics continue to question invite-only policy.  (Capital Times, 7/15/2016)

Other numbers in the article:
  • 3,800 - approximate number of donations made by listening session invitees
  • $1,100,000 - total amount of contributions (an average of $290)
  • 80% - donations favoring conservative and Republican candidates and causes

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Anonymous said...

S Walker has found another way to campaign on the tax payers nickel This guy calls himself a Christian What a joke HE IS A CROOK PERIOD