Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Scott Walker in so many words: You too can be the Miguel Cabrera or Alex Rodriguez of teaching!

As quoted in Walker: Wisconsin teachers should be paid like NFL free agents.  (La Crosse Tribune, 6/28/2016)

Contract specifics:
  • Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers:  10 years; $292,000,000
  • Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees:  10 years; $275,000,000

Average playing career by professional sport:
  • 3.5 years - National Foorball League
  • 4.8 years - National Basketball Association
  • 5.5 years - National Hockey League
  • 5.6 years - Major League Baseball

Related reading:
The Cost of Loyalty:Teachers’ Stay-or-Leave Decision in the Indianapolis Public Schools.  (TeachPlus, Spring 2010)
Conclusion.   IPS has a tremendous asset in the hundreds of teachers who choose to enter the system each year. As these teachers gain experience and skill, many of them hope to continue working with IPS students. The district must find a way to value their loyalty.

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